About us

URVI foundation is an NGO founded for a vision for creating self-sustainable and value-based society embedded in social justice and humanity.  It was formed in 2017 at the Capital of Kerala, Trivandrum.

A group of Green Professionals, with deep concerns about the Mother Earth and Human Habitat, from different locations across Kerala is working together for two missions of the foundation.

  • Enabling the deprived society to develop themselves. 
  • Environmental conservation and restoration.

Urvi Foundation’s primary focus is to promote Responsible, Sustainable and Green Architectural practices through trainings, seminars and workshops throughout Kerala. 


Kerala faced one of the worst floods in 2018 and ended up as a complete disaster. The dreams and hard work of people that invested in their dwellings were completely collapsed in most affected areas. To overcome this situation, we came up with a proposal of “Elevated Rapid Housing”. With the help of District Collector and Village authorities it just took 14 days for the completion of a prototype which was a permanent and sustainable experiment. This was then adopted by different NGOs for quick rehabilitation of families after the flood. Later, the prototype design got recognised with ‘HUDCO annual design award 2018’.

In 2019 the flood repeated in Kerala with more disaster in the form of landslides. This made the people seriously look into its major causes including uncontrolled quarrying and unprofessional developments. When the public and the leaders started looking of alternatives to reduce quarrying, we started a campaign called “Stone Free Movement” to promote alternate materials and technologies to avoid use of stone in the construction industry. We are still continuing this campaign awareness sessions and trainings for architects, engineers and masons in stone free technologies.

Several other projects and initiatives are in pipeline including, Training Institute for Earth Architecture, Amphibious housing for Kuttanad, Model Self-sustainable Village, etc.