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Post Flood Rapid House

Kerala faced one of the worst flood in history after 1924. Ten out of the fourteen districts were badly affected. More than 13000 houses totally ruined. It was a complete disaster. The dreams and hard work of people that they put in to build their homes all were shattered and they could do nothing. To overcome this situation, we needed a rapid and sustainable innovation that can overcome the current situation. That is how we got the idea of “Post Flood Rapid Houses”.

Pozhuthana grama panchayat was the most flood-affected region in the Wayanad District. This was the perfect context for the project. With the help of district collector and panchayat it just took 14 days (2 weeks) for the completion of
a prototype which was a permanent and sustainable experiment. After a few months, this initiative got ‘HUDCO annual design award 2018’.

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