Less Urbanize, Create Smart Villages

The history of mankind is recorded through civilizations. Developing huge cities was considered to be the face of human development. Lessons of the pandemic Covid 19 has broken these ideologies followed since centuries by humankind. The studies on Covid 19 and its social spread has pointed out the negative impact of ultra-urbanisation. Now it has been realised that the high dense cities are not capable of overcoming pandemics or even epidemics.

The over exploitation of natural resources from rural areas for the uncontrolled urbanisation has made our rural areas and villages unsustainable environmentally and economically.

The air, water and soil of urban areas and slums (by-product of ultra-urbanisation) has got contaminated and became unhealthy. Viruses spread quickly in such unhealthy communities. Ultimately, even the survival of nations depends on healthy people.

The modern development doctrines made for show-offs and faulty urban planning policies has to be changed.

We could address these issues by developing self-sustainable villages instead of ultra-urbanisation. Self-sustainable villages that cater one’s basic needs and provide incessant food, water and energy increases the possibilities of local jobs and local economic development.

Let us develop smart villages for clean environment, healthy life style, sustainable economy and survival of nations.